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Raise Capital for Your Business

Join us! Participate in the WIN initiative!

In 2018, new rules enabled every Wyoming citizen to be an investor. Investors can now participate in their state’s economy by investing in local businesses, innovative start-ups, and socially minded enterprises. Business investment opportunities are now available to the public.

A few things to know: Companies need to complete an application for the Secretary of State's office. This application includes up-to-date financials and a business plan. You can only accept investments from Wyoming residents. The minimum investment for any individual is $10,000. The maximum offering is capped at $4 million but you can choose a lessor amount. A portion of the investments are held in escrow until a minimum of funds is reached. Being a WIN company allows you to advertise and promote your investment offering to the general public. 

If you are ready to take a look at becoming a WIN company, we’ll walk you through the process. Our WIN Supporter Network can assist you with your application. We are here to help! You can always Contact Us at win@mcginleyinnovations.com.

Step 1

Complete Secretary of State Office Applications

For a detailed list of requirements and guidance, download our CHECKLIST



Step 3

Choose CreateWyoming.com as your portal


  • Listing Agreement

  • Yearly Contract

  • Company Logo

  • Company Summary

  • Company graphics/pictures

  • Mission Statement

  • Disclosure Statement

Step 2

Become an official WIN Member

Step 4

Take advantage of the WIN Supporter Network